Yves Saint Laurent

Rümker has been accompanying Yves Saint-Laurent in its brand expressions since 2009. The project shown here is unique in its use of transparent, iridescent and opalescent materials, selected to create plays of light and reflections throughout the installation.

Projet Yves Saint-Laurent

By juggling with various extruded profiles, the designers imagined a linear and geometric aesthetic that still managed to be flamboyant thanks to the interplay between lustrous black and gold punctuated by brighter colours like red and pink.

Projet Yves Saint-Laurent
Projet Yves Saint-Laurent
Projet Yves Saint-Laurent

Brand codes

Yves St-Laurent is a well-established brand, which for the Rümker designers implied working with a precise brand code and elevated quality expectations. For many years the team has succeeded in creating environments that meet these criteria while consistently reinventing the brand so it remains at the cutting edge.


The concepts we thus developed, which addressed all the issues associated with the mandate, were the object of tremendous pride for the team. The result is an attractive look with interesting plays of light on the various surfaces. Great attention was paid to detail from concept to manufacture, where stringent production controls were applied.

Technical challenges

The task of designing installations within department stores like Hudson’s Bay came with a number of constraints imposed on the designers. Small footprints, the need to maximize the number of products displayed, inventory optimization, ultra-chic expressions of the brand… all of these helped to inspire and provide a framework for the design team. In concrete terms, we met these challenges by creating iconic display units that provided increased presentation space which in the past was created through the use of columns. To meet the specific functional needs for a given space, since each installation created by Rümker was slated for a different store across Canada, we needed to remain flexible in its conception. A good example of this adaptability might be the different seismic safety standards for each province, especially as it concerned the suspended canopies that are a hallmark of the YSL kiosks.

Because Yves St-Laurent is a brand in constant evolution, we were required to meet new guidelines, in terms of both material and graphic standards, which are renewed regularly. These aesthetic guidelines, although highly precise, do help us to coalesce our ideas and push the functionality of the furniture and its different sections to another level.

Technical sheet
Location Hudson's Bay, Holt Renfrew and Nordstrom (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver)
Client Yves St-Laurent
Year Since 2009
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