Corporate offices for Groupe Lafond

Lafond’s confidence in Rümker helped us design an environment that aligned with its brand’s image and values, despite limited budgetary resources.

With the well-being of its staff in mind, the reorganization targeted a desired ambience, office ergonomics and storage. Throughout the project, Rümker maintained responsibility for the concept work, technical development, execution, coordination of all collaborators and overall project management.


As a family business, Lafond wanted its new work environment to reflect its unpretentious character and integrity. When we undertook our materials search, we leaned towards natural textures and a noble, sober quality. The extensive use of wood is one good example. The embracing archway with its use of slate brings a warmth to the entrance, and a lot of thought went into the material used for flooring. Even the carpeting was evocative of nature: the transitional effects of the floor finishes are reminiscent of forest elements such as lichen and stone. We were just as sold by the Urban Retreat carpeting we used as by its 50% recycled content and the supplier’s commitment to reducing their environmental impact. It was also an aspect that readily met the approval of the Lafond team.


The proposed design also promised Lafond office staff a large increase in natural light. Despite the necessity of maintaining a level of confidentiality between clients and advisors, we attempted to open up certain key aspects of the plan to permit contemplation of the views of Old Montreal from within the office. Creating a balance between privacy and openness became the designers’ objective, which they applied notably in the main conference room, which is fenestrated on two sides.

Finally, another technical challenge we faced was the need for more work stations in less square footage. The redistribution of each office in the plan, like a puzzle in optimization, forced the team to redouble its organizational efforts to ensure a worry-free move into the new space, as well as to guaranty that everyone’s personal effects were accounted for after the move.

Technical sheet
Location Montreal
Client Groupe Lafond
Year 2016
Surface area 5000 sq. ft.
Contractor Lernco
Millwork ASPEC
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