Beyond Ice

In partnership with the National Film Board, Rümker had the opportunity to make its mark on a permanent exhibit at Ottawa’s Canadian Museum of Nature.
Projet Au-delà des glaces
With its arctic theme, the one-of-a-kind installation used display screens manufactured from real ice upon which scenes and artist’s animations from the Inuit world and elsewhere are projected. This ice environment, part of the Canada Goose Arctic Gallery, was the Museum’s contribution to the 150th anniversary of Confederation.
Projet Au-delà des glaces
Projet Au-delà des glaces

Technical challenges

The technical challenges involved in keeping real ice frozen inside the museum put our innovation capacity to the test. A sensorial experience that involves the hearing, touch and sight and a sense of light, the work recalls the close relationship that exists between humankind and nature.
Technical sheet
Location Ottawa
Client NFB for the Canadian Museum of Nature
Year 2017
Partners XYZ Technologies and Étienne Paquette
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